“The impact has been very positive to me, my team and my business”.

Neil T. Branch Director

Already being a manager for over 20 years I did wonder what I could learn before I attended…… well, the answer to that is:

  1. I have more confidence when dealing with my teams.
  2. My coaching skills have vastly improved which helps me to develop my team.
  3. I delegate more and whilst I always did give feedback, it is now of a higher quality.
  4. Learning to look at situations from another’s perspectives gives me a better understanding of my team members.
  5. I have learned that building a team is not as easy as putting together individuals, I must understand the different skills that the individuals possess and then utilise them in the most effective way.

There are numerous more skills that I have gained or enhanced and I can honestly say that it was well worth the investment, as I’m now overall more responsive to the needs of my staff and customers and a lot more focused on the job in hand, something that I wasn’t aware that I could improve before the course. The impact of that has been very positive to me, my team and my business.

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