“If it wasn’t for the course, I do not believe I would have achieved my ambition to become a manager”.

Angus Wilson - Branch Manager

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me during the course.

The whole programme has certainly benefited me with my achievements within the business.

From the first supervisory course when I was an Assistant Manager which opened my eyes to the opportunities available, through to the full management programme.

My personal goal was for one day to become a Manager however, the responsibilities and duties within that role at the time all seemed extremely daunting and to be honest I feared that it was beyond my capabilities

The Supervisor course brought out a lot of confidence in myself and instantly helped me to have a more open minded view of everyday situations that happen within the workplace. Then as I went through all of the  Excellent Manager modules, I learned so many new skills that have certainly helped me to achieve the position I am currently in – a Branch Manager. If it wasn’t for the MDP course I do not believe I would have achieved my ambition to become a manager.

There are a number of key skills that I have learned from the programme which I can highlight:-

Communication Effectively – This was a huge learning curve and certainly opened my eyes and mind to this skill. It made me realise that ‘Communicating Effectively’ was so key to the business. I have also been able to pass on some of these new skills to work colleagues. It has helped me to develop my communication skills with customers and this has certainly helped develop and increase sales.

Leadership & Management – This was probably the most important part of the programme for myself. I have used the models from this module to help develop my managerial & leadership techniques for both my previous and current role.

The STEAL model and Learning Cycle are two models I use on a regular if not daily basis. All of the decisions I make at work now involve using the STEAL model. This has certainly had an influence on decisions I’ve made as a manager. Prior to learning this model I quite often made instant and not always correct decisions so these models along with being more open minded have helped a lot.

Since taking part in the programme I have also had the opportunity to carry out presentations and hold staff meetings. I have used models I have learned on the programme to aid me in both roles.

The programme has also helped me on a personal basis. It has taught me how to manage stress and deal with situations that I am not in control of. It has also introduced models that have helped discover what motivates me and I have managed to carry out these models within the work place to discover what motivates other individuals.

The course has given me the opportunity to meet so many people who work in all different sectors and businesses. It has been beneficial to talk with these people, develop relationships, and also to discuss our experiences in different workplaces.

Again I cannot thank you enough for all of your help, advice and guidance you have offered me. I wish you and all of the team at JAMES L&D all the very best for the future

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