“Helped my confidence massively, both inside and outside of work”

Jane Peacock - Branch Manager

One of my main learnings from the course was the presentation on module 3. I seriously contemplated leaving the course and going home in order not to have to do it – however, after support and encouragement from Joe I managed to get over this fear, and I did it. Having to then do it again on module 5 there was still a part of me that wanted to flee and head for the hills, although again, having a conversation with Joe, helped put my mind at ease and I did it again.

This has helped my confidence massively, both inside and outside of work – with a number of people commenting on the difference in me in and I now feel as though I can offer my opinions in group discussion – all this from just a couple of pointers from Joe.

The course is delivered in such an effortless way, and I feel the environment created suites me and helps me get the maximum out of each module. I would like to say thank you to JAMES L&D, if it wasn’t for their  training I certainly would not be able to do what I do now, my confidence has grown tremendously.

A strong side benefit is that I have also learnt from the other group members. What we do and what we can all achieve and the friendships we have made is fantastic.

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