“Had a large influence in my professional career”

Mike Brown - UK Project Co-Ordinator

Joe McNicholas, Where would I be without Joe! To say the man has had a large influence in my professional career would be an understatement! When I first started working for SIG, I was something of a rough diamond. It was agreed that by doing Management Development Courses with Joe, I could be shaped, learn and progress within the company.

Joe did just that, be it from the “Freaky Shit” to questioning myself, I have learnt a lot from Joe. Saying such as “other peoples view of the world” and “But if you did know, What would you know” have become sayings that I use regularly!

The courses each couple of months were something that I regularly looked forward to, Seeing what we were going to discuss next, What new found logic and wisdom Joe would impart on us and what skills and knowledge Joe would develop within us, That he knew we had, But we didn’t know existed!

Joe has the knack of breaking things down in to small bit size pieces and feeding them to you, and before you know it, You have learnt and understood something, without knowing you’ve done it or even how!

Joe is a master of the brain and tweaks things for individuals, I have had many a conversation about situations I have been in and he’s helped me develop and understand more about myself and how other perceive me within a group

Thank you Joe!

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