“Gave me belief, a voice, positivity”

Rob A - Sales Manager

Joe has been a huge influence on my working and personal life, how I approach this and how I live this.
The information I absorbed from Joe’s courses certainly had an impact on me, I found his courses Inspiring, thought provoking and forward thinking, his courses gave me belief, a voice, positivity, going from a shy, lacking confidence employee at times into a different animal, he gave me confidence to think differently, put this into practice which has benefited my workplace greatly I’m sure as I believe I’m a better person, employee and coach.

His courses are fun, relaxed, challenging, his manner, enthusiasm and personality and infectious.

I often use what I learned in his numerous courses in day to day business life and outside, there probably isn’t a day goes by now when he can’t take the blame for his influence.

I have no hesitation in recommending Joe and JAMES L&D services to anybody wanting to enhance their own life or that of their employees

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