Management Excellence

Management Excellence

Formats available: Experiential Modules.

“I’ve yet to meet a person that learnt how to swim by reading about it”.

Summary – 3 x 3-day, experiential learning blocks spread over a 9 month period that provide a supportive, challenging and open environment to allow every participant to learn what they specifically need to develop themselves, their team and the business.

The learning blocks create opportunities for the safe application of learnings which is crucial to retention and ultimately, application back at work.

Working with your business prior to the event to determine the specific learning outcomes required, ensures an event aligned to your current business priorities and when coupled with a business improvement project for your team, creates an increased return on investment.


Content built around:

Setting Direction

  • Analysing the Business Environment
  • Understanding Your Customers
  • Developing Business Strategy (Local / Departmental)

Inspire and Engage

  • Motivation for Teams and Individuals
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Giving Feedback

Delivering Results

  • Business Performance
  • Managing Performance
  • Efficient and Effective

Venue – Although the event can be delivered at your premises (subject to suitable facilities), we would recommend delivering at a local conference venue as this helps participants to think more clearly without being interrupted by day to day work concerns.

Investment Required – Due to the considerations regarding venues and specific content, please give us a call to discuss the investment required for this intervention. 07450 585839.

 To find out how JAMES L&D can develop your people to develop your business, contact us at or give us a call 07450 585839.

“If we want people to Be great managers,

they need to Do the things

that great managers Do.

In order to Do the things

that great managers Do,

they need to Think the

things that great managers


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