Can you increase the sales? “Yeah, but…”

Some of us are good at finding reasons why something won’t work. This is a barrier that can easily be overcome, when you know how to manage the situation.

Participants will:

  • Understand the reasons why barriers are created.
  • Consider some of the hidden benefits of barriers.
  • Gain the ability to remove barriers.
  • Identify and create opportunities to transfer this skill into the workplace.

Can you not see what I’m saying?

Our own view is often the only one we can see, when we begin to understand the other points of view, it opens up a world of possibilities and solutions.

Participants will:

  • Understand that their own view is unique, just like everybody else’s.
  • Consider the other points of view available
  • Gain the ability to ‘see’ things from these other points of view.
  • Identify opportunities to transfer this skill into the workplace

Change is the only constant

Change appears to be the biggest single cause of unrest within businesses. Understanding what to expect and effectively managing this helps to deliver the changes required.

Participants will:

  • Understand the reasons for change
  • Consider the different roles people adopt during change.
  • Gain the ability to get buy in at each phase.
  • Identify actions required to transfer this skill into the workplace.

“Well they should…” and other inappropriate uses of language

A key element in the world of miscommunication – the words we use. Our choice of words have an impact on ourselves and the people we’re communicating with. Changing our words, changes our world.

Participants will:

Understand the impact of the words we choose.

Consider the different contexts where the language we use is useful and not so useful.

Develop the ability to choose the most useful words for the context we’re in.

Identify opportunities to transfer this key skill.

Available Delivery Formats

In House

At your premises or a venue of your choice.

Up to 12 Participants


Web Conferencing (Zoom/Skype) – Webinars – Telephone

Up to 8 participants

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